View on Rangitoto Volcano from Sky Tower

Actually I included this photo to show that in addition to beautiful nature New Zealand also has big cities with skyscrapers. Actually there are two cities like that – Auckland and Wellington. What you see in this photo is a view from Sky Tower in Auckland. In the distance you can see the beautiful cone of the Rangitoto volcano, and you can take a ferry to it from Auckland.

Tongariro Northern Circuit – Mt. Ngauruhoe

This is a view of Mt. Ngauruhoe as seen from the first part of the Tongariro Northern Circuit great walk.
Trounson Forest

Steve Burling’s NZ Photography Review

Good day everybody!

I found Steve Burling’s photographs of New Zealand on one of the photographic sites on the internet, and they caught my attention right away.  His compositions and understanding of light are wonderful. And what is also very important is that Steve absolutely loves nature and photography – I can see it from his work. And Steve himself says:  “I love to travel and have been doing so for some time and am constantly blown away by how beautiful the world is.”  This is what I also feel and it may be the reason why I love his photographs so much.

Trounson Forest

This photo was taken at Trounson Forest which is a 450 ha forest reserve a few km south of Aranga in Northland.

West Coast of the South Island

Some of the West Coast’s attractions are majestic mountains, sparse population, and beautiful, crystal clear lakes. West Coast is isolated from the rest of the South Island by the Southern Alps. It contains the largest area of protected land in whole New Zealand. New Zealand’s only source of jade is found on the west coast. Main towns of the West Coast are Greymouth, Westport and Hokitika. Each town has its own unique character and rich history. For the scenery, which is one of the most spectacular in New Zealand, head to the Westland Glacier Country and visit Franz Joseph and Fox Glaciers.