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This blog is dedicated to all the people who fell in love with New Zealand or want to travel there. Here you will be able to find a lot of useful information about different aspects of traveling in New Zealand. Plus interesting stories from travelers about their experience in New Zealand. If you would like to submit your own story, please don’t hesitate to contact me on greg at nztramping dot com.

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At Auckland Botanical Garden.

About NZ Tramping

The idea for this blog first came to me a while ago, when I was preparing for my first trip to New Zealand. I was searching for information about New Zealand on the Internet, and found a lot of it, but most of the sites I visited were full of advertisement and contained only a little information which I could use. But back then I didn’t know much about New Zealand, so I just kept this idea for the future.

And the future came. Now, after spending a fair amount of time in New Zealand, and getting to know it from inside, I want to share my knowledge and passion for New Zealand with everyone interested.


I believe that reading my blog will give you a great start up for your first New Zealand experience, and if you have already been to New Zealand, this blog will bring up nostalgic memories of this beautiful country.

This Blog is for people who would like to visit New Zealand and are looking for information about the country. As you can understand from the blog name, I love tramping, and here you will also find useful information about different treks in New Zealand among other things.

Feel free to browse different sections of this blog, and if you would like your story to appear in my blog, please write me an email to greg at nztramping dot com.

Greg Brave.