Wallpaper Submission

If you would like to submit a wallpaper please use the contact form below. In the Subject field write “Wallpaper Submission” , in the Message field please write your name and the attribution link which will appear under your wallpaper, and don’t forget to attach the wallpaper!

By sending me the wallpaper you agree that you have all the rights for that specific wallpaper, and you give me the right to post that wallpaper on http://www.nztramping.com under Creative Commons license with only an “Attribution” restriction for purpose of free download.

Your wallpaper will appear on the Wallpaper Download page with credits to you and link to your website.

Once again: the submitted photographs will appear on http://www.nztramping.com under the following Creative Commons license:    some rights reserved Creative Commons Attribution

Before submitting photographs, please make sure that you have all the necessary rights to do that.

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