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South Island Easy Access Walks – Part 3

As it turns out there are still more easy access walks on South Island, and this is the third post in which I continue describing additional walks. You can read first post here and the second post here.

South Island Easy Access Walks – Part 2

This is the second post, in which I will continue to describe some of walks that easily accessible for people with limited physical abilities. You can read the first post here

Easy Access Walks of the South Island of New Zealand

Until now if I wrote a description of a walk or gave tramping advice, I always had in mind trampers who are fit or at least can walk on rough terrain. But not everybody is that lucky and people with different disabilities also love nature and want a chance to experience it. Luckily, DoC have provided many walks that are suited for such people. Some of the walks have wide walkways suited for wheelchairs and facilities in convenient places. Here I will describe some easy access walks of the South Island.

Trekking Poles – My tramping companions.

Every tramper knows what trekking poles are. But even though many are aware of their existence, not so many people use them. I didn’t use them in my early tramping days either. But then I gave them a try on one of my tramps and got totally addicted.

New Zealand’s Mountain Radio Service

There are many people that come to New Zealand for its beautiful nature. Their main intention is to hike through New Zealand’s great outdoors. Some of them do it alone, while some of them do it in a pair or a group, and others take their children with them.