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View on Rangitoto Volcano from Sky Tower

Actually I included this photo to show that in addition to beautiful nature New Zealand also has big cities with skyscrapers. Actually there are two cities like that – Auckland and Wellington. What you see in this photo is a view from Sky Tower in Auckland. In the distance you can see the beautiful cone of the Rangitoto volcano, and you can take a ferry to it from Auckland.

Tongariro Northern Circuit – Mt. Ngauruhoe

This is a view of Mt. Ngauruhoe as seen from the first part of the Tongariro Northern Circuit great walk.
Trounson Forest

Trounson Forest

This photo was taken at Trounson Forest which is a 450 ha forest reserve a few km south of Aranga in Northland.

Greg Is Back

Good day to everybody who was patiently waiting for my return!
And, as I promised, I return to writing for my blog, which is as you know, all about New Zealand and its magnificent Nature.

Deep Blue Sea

This time I chose to display a somewhat abstract photo of the sea, which I happen to like very much. In this case I prefer to leave the location of this photograph unrevealed. There are some places out there that I prefer to leave to myself. Sorry guys! 🙂