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WildFoods festival in Hokitika

On March 14, Hokitika will host its famous WildFoods festival. This year (2009) is festival’s twentieth anniversary!

Maori Haka dance is now Legally Protected

The world-famous Maori traditional dance Haka has been formalized by Maori tribes in order to avoid copyright infringement. In particular, New Zealand’s Government has stated that Maori will legally own the rights to the most famous type of Haka – the «Ka Mate».

111 years old father

My last article started with an ancient petrified jaw of tuatara, which was found lately, and in this article I will tell some really great news about currently living tuatara.

Tuataras proved unsinkability of New Zealand

Researchers found ancient tuatara remains in New Zealand, which forced them to revise history of the country. Having studied petrified ancient tuatara’s jaw, the scientists concluded that islands of New Zealand have never fully went under water (which was until now the most common theory).

Te Araroa Advances

Recently Te Araroa posted their report on year 2008. If you are not familiar with the Te Araroa trust you can read about it in my post titled Te Araroa – The Long Pathway.