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Mike’s view on Haka copyright

I received a very interesting comment on my last post regarding legal protection of Haka – Maori traditional dance. Mike McGawin from Windy Hilltops blog expressed a very interesting point of view on this issue. I would like to post Mike’s comment as a separate post so more of my readers would notice it. Personally I tend to agree with many of what Mike says but not everything.

Maori Haka dance is now Legally Protected

The world-famous Maori traditional dance Haka has been formalized by Maori tribes in order to avoid copyright infringement. In particular, New Zealand’s Government has stated that Maori will legally own the rights to the most famous type of Haka – the «Ka Mate».

Hitchhiking in New Zealand

Hitchhiking can be used in New Zealand as a method of free transportation. But since nothing is for free, here you will pay with your time, and certain non-flexibility. You will have to wait uncertain periods of time to catch a ride,
and thus it will be difficult for you to book activities, accommodation or anything else for a specific time.

Maori people nowadays

In my blog I wrote many articles about Maori mythology, their customs and traditions, but what is happening to Maori now? How did they adjust to living with Europeans and all this modern world?

So here are some “contemporary” facts about Maori people.


According to Statistics New Zealand Maori population as of June 2007 stood at 632,900 people, 310,200 of which are male and 322,700 are female. This represents 14.7 percent from total New

Maori Legends (Part two)

In my previous post I wrote about the beautiful Maori legend which explains why rain falls on earth, and in this post I will continue writing about Maori legends.