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111 years old father

My last article started with an ancient petrified jaw of tuatara, which was found lately, and in this article I will tell some really great news about currently living tuatara.

Tuataras proved unsinkability of New Zealand

Researchers found ancient tuatara remains in New Zealand, which forced them to revise history of the country. Having studied petrified ancient tuatara’s jaw, the scientists concluded that islands of New Zealand have never fully went under water (which was until now the most common theory).

Wildlife Care Code

Love them from a distance or lose them forever

Traveling in New Zealand most chances are that you will encounter wildlife. Please read this short article about how to act around the wildlife you meet.

Mysterious Glow of New Zealand

There are many miracles in the country of the Long White Cloud, and in this article I would like to talk about the miracle often seen at nights, miracle that illuminates New Zealand’s forests and caves – the glowworms. Known by the scientific name Arachnocampa luminosa, they knit their silk threads on the cave sets and in tree roots, illuminating space around them like thousands of tiny flashlights.

Stranded Marine Mammals – More Info and Facts

In my previous article titled Helping Stranded Marine Mammals I wrote about what are the stages of stranded marine mammal rescue, and how you can help. And now I will write some interesting facts about strandings and also about your personal safety when rescuing stranded animals.