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Don’t Despair

Good day to everyone!
You must have noticed that I didn’t write for a while. I had several personal issues, and I also was on vacation – spent 11 days in Greece!
And now I am moving NZ Tramping to a new hosting.
So I please bear with me for a couple more days, and I promise you to get back to writing here!
And until then – take care!

Easy Access Walks of the South Island of New Zealand

Until now if I wrote a description of a walk or gave tramping advice, I always had in mind trampers who are fit or at least can walk on rough terrain. But not everybody is that lucky and people with different disabilities also love nature and want a chance to experience it. Luckily, DoC have provided many walks that are suited for such people. Some of the walks have wide walkways suited for wheelchairs and facilities in convenient places. Here I will describe some easy access walks of the South Island.

Customs Regulations of New Zealand

If you are planning a trip to New Zealand, you should know its customs and regulations, and since New Zealand has a very strict policy on this issue I will write here some of the most important regulations, so you won’t be surprised on your arrival to New Zealand.

Tuataras proved unsinkability of New Zealand

Researchers found ancient tuatara remains in New Zealand, which forced them to revise history of the country. Having studied petrified ancient tuatara’s jaw, the scientists concluded that islands of New Zealand have never fully went under water (which was until now the most common theory).

New Zealand’s Wines and Winemaking

During the twentieth century New Zealand became world famous wine producer, and nowadays stands at same level with France Italy, Australia and other renowned manufacturers.