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Trekking Poles – My tramping companions.

Every tramper knows what trekking poles are. But even though many are aware of their existence, not so many people use them. I didn’t use them in my early tramping days either. But then I gave them a try on one of my tramps and got totally addicted.

WildFoods festival in Hokitika

On March 14, Hokitika will host its famous WildFoods festival. This year (2009) is festival’s twentieth anniversary!

Mike Commenting on Safety

Recently I wrote a post about safety while tramping and just now this post received a comment from Mike McGavin. Mike’s comment makes a good point, and I would like to post it as a separate post, so it would get more attention. So here is Mike’s comment:

Whatipu Beach

Whatipu is a remote beach located on the west coast of the Auckland Region. The whole area is a scientific reserve owned by the Department of Conservation. Personally I don’t know what scientific activities are being done there, but what I do know that it is a very beautiful place.

A magnificent area of coastal dunes and wetlands, and also the breeding ground for some of New Zealand’s endangered species, so the dogs are not permitted at Whatipu.

Breath of Fresh Air from New Zealand – PohanginaPete

Travel blogs where people describe their travel experiences are cool. Before traveling to a certain destination, I always find travel blogs about this destination and read them in order to get an idea about it.