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Whatipu Beach

Whatipu is a remote beach located on the west coast of the Auckland Region. The whole area is a scientific reserve owned by the Department of Conservation. Personally I don’t know what scientific activities are being done there, but what I do know that it is a very beautiful place.

A magnificent area of coastal dunes and wetlands, and also the breeding ground for some of New Zealand’s endangered species, so the dogs are not permitted at Whatipu.

Coromandel Town

The coastline in the far north is fringed with ancient Pohutukawa trees against a spectacular backdrop of high hills. The Coromandel Coastal Walkway at the cape is a highlight of the region – walking there you will surely enjoy a great scenery including beautiful beaches such as 2 kilometers long Waikawau Bay.

Bungy Jumping locations across New Zealand

There are several bungy operators in New Zealand working in different locations. I will attempt to list here most of them, and the locations they operate.
I am not trying to recommend any specific operator, and the order of my list is 100% random.

Top Seven most Popular Extreme activities in New Zealand

1. Walking and Trekking
This is by far the most popular activity in New Zealand, so popular that it has a local name to it – tramping. Though at first glance it doesn’t seem to qualify as an “extreme activity” but don’t be so sure of it. New Zealand’s nature is very unpredictable and perfect weather conditions can change to extreme in very short time. There are also some very remote and wild areas in New Zealand where the access to civilization is limited. Tramping in such areas can be dangerous and is not recommended for the unexperienced tramper. All this makes Tramping a pretty extreme activity. But don’t worry – there are plenty easy tracks accessible for people with all kinds of fitness levels. You can read more about tramping in my article titled Tramping Revealed

Christchurch Gondola

For those who like a more relaxed experiences but still with just a tiny touch of adrenaline, Christchurch offers the Gondola Ride.
Located in the Heathcote Valley, only 15 minutes from the Christchurch city center, it is a very enjoyable and exciting experience. You park your car at the base station (public transport is also available) and go up in the gondola to the summit station, enjoying the beautiful views as you smoothly gain altitude. At the summit complex you have a gift shop (which is too expensive in my opinion) and a 360 degree view deck with informative signs. I especially liked the panoramic signs which explain you exactly what you see when you look above them. You can also go for a walk from the top. There are several Nature Walkways that start from the summit and either make a small circle or go all the way down to the base station. In addition there is a Pinnacle & Summit Cafe for those who like to add food to their enjoyment.
Additional and a relatively new attraction that exists at the summit Gondola station is the Time Tunnel. To tell you the truth I was a little disappointed in it but I think it would be great for kids. You just sit in a purpose-built four person vehicle and for WHOLE SIX MINUTES (!) you experience an interactive journey showing you the geological evolution and history of Canterbury and Christchurch. Basically you gently slide in the “car” from room to room watching on big screens interesting movies and pictures while a nice little girl telling you interesting facts.